• Name: TW-689MA Computerized Auto-Cement Side and Heel Seat Lasting Machine
  • No.: C-008
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With hydraulic and pneumatic operated system, the machine is used for the lasting operation of the upper's side and heel part in one operation.
With three kinds of intelligent operation mode: fully automatic mode,semi automatic mode and manual mode.
The PLC system is equipped with the touch screen to operate the machine with the graphical symbols, real time running state and the process of action modity in animation display,easy to operate.
The setting of the parameters (time and stroke) is by numerical key in, with the protection of the key switch to avoid the reading or change by the non-authorized.
The side lasting device is equipped with four fingers lasting strudure,with the designed function for the overlapped lasting area with heel lasting device. Reducing the defet of lasting.
Two pincers are provided to achieve a special counter pull in side and heel area.
The finger lasting mechanism is designed with the automatic balance function,with side radian automatic bonding;waist fit tightly solid,and the two step operation pressure setting.
Equipped with the two floating polyester rod, directly use hat-melt adhesives for upper bonding, avoid manual brushing glue to work.

The stop point of nozzles for the cement path can be set directly by touch screen, it is easy to adjust cementing path.
The control of the opening stroke for the left and right nozzles, can be chosen with the upper shape following node or the constant pressure opening mode.
Used for more than 180mm of last in length, the longest gluing distance is 230mm.
Variety of gluing operation modes can be selected in side lasting and heel lasting position, glue speed can be stepless speed regulation.
The vertex adopts telescopic structure design, with height fine-tuning device for lasting, positioning accuracy.



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